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Offer! Intex 18' x 52

Intex 18' x 52" Ultra Frame Metal Pool

Product Description

Intex Ultra Frame Pools feature a new unique design making them stronger than traditional metal frame pools and even easier to assemble and enjoy. The heavy-duty powder coated frames resist rust and corrosion while the Super Tough 3-ply PVC liner stands up to the harshest elements.

Best of all, each Ultra Frame Pool comes with everything you need to get started: Filter Pump, Deluxe Chlorine Generator, Ladder, Ground Cloth, Cover, Deluxe Maintenance Kit, Volleyball Set and Easy to Follow Instructional DVD.

  • Ready for water in 60 min
  • Includes ladder, ground cloth, pool cover, dlx maint kit and instructional dvd
  • Also includes volleyball set lots of family fun
  • Easy to assemble unique shape is stronger than traditional round frames
  • No locking pins needed for set up making a cleaner better looking pool

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Very nice pool. Highly recommended.
We live in Florida and have had this pool in use for four months. We really enjoy it and use it daily. It took about two hours to set up on a concrete pad we had poured for it. The instructions for setting up and operating the pool were clear and correct. It looks very nice and the quality seems excellent for the price. The chlorine generator/salt-water system works perfectly. Except for the initial salt and a few adjustments to keep the PH balanced, we have done nothing to the water which is sparkling clear. The water feels nice on the skin and there is no chlorine smell. The water has a barely noticeable salt taste, but swimming underwater with eyes open causes no irritation or redness. The included skimmer and vacuum system both work very well. The volleyball net that comes with the pool is very well made and is a nice addition to the pool, especially for our grandkids. The pump, which was very quiet initially, has gotten louder, but it still works fine and the noise is not really loud enough to be an issue. This may be unique to our particular pump, but is mentioned because it is the only complaint we have had with any of it so far. We plan to take it down when the water gets too cool to enjoy. This may sound like a lot of work, but it is a clever system that is easy to assemble. Winterizing a permanent pool and getting it ready again for the next swimming season is a fair amount of work and chemical expense also. We have had above and in-ground pools previously and this seems like a good idea. If there are storage or reassembly problems, I will update this review next year.

Pumps Don't Work Beware of WARRANTY!!!!!!
I am leaving feedback on this pool because I have the chlorine generator/filter pump that is sold with this pool.I actually had 3 pumps up until 2 days ago when I mailed one of them back for $65. My treat:0( This is based on intex's warranty. They will let you keep the first broken pump, but when they send you the replacement & it doesn't work. They want that broken JEWEL back.Yes, I only have 1 pool.When the pump works it is great. However, it doesn't work for very long.So don't go by any of the reviews based on "I have had this pump for mere weeks & it's great. Ask them after a year what they think:0( The reason I ended up with 3 pumps is

1)original pump -same as this one that came with my ultra frame 16'x48" kit

2)the replacement pump BROKEN out of the box

3)I bought a new one June 2009 it lasted 4 days started acting up after 2 days. I thought since the control panel looked a little different maybe it would have improved.Thought maybe the older versions were just lemons........

You also need to check the Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles for Intex Recreation Corp. rating.

So far this pool has been great, we had an Easy Set before which was fun, but this is MUCH better! The filtering system is much better (yes it could be some better, but come on, it's less than $1,000) and it's so much easier to clean the walls & floor.

Would I buy it again? YOU BET!!!

More Info: Offer! Intex 18' x 52" Ultra Frame Metal Pool


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